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JessEm Rout-R-Lift II (Imperial) with AUKTools 1500W Fixed Base Router

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£416.63 Excl. VAT
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The JessEm Rout-R-Lift II has all the same great features as our Mast-R-Lift II but at a price they know you will appreciate now with our AUKTools 1500W Fixed Base Router. This lift is made out of aluminium with a phenolic top plate. The top plate measures 235mm x 298mm x 9.5mm (9 1/4" × 11 3/4" x 3/8”) making it suitable for JessEm and AUKTools Table Tops.

To make the Rout-R-Lift II as smooth as the Mast-R-Lift II while raising and lowering your lift JessEm decided to add a double sealed bearing to the spindle. This provides a lifetime of use and a router lift so smooth you can raise and lower your motor with one finger.

The shafts on the Rout-R-Lift II, like all JessEm Router Lifts, are pressed into a shaft mount with hydraulic pressure. The owner of JessEm spent many years as a Tool and Die maker before founding the company, and cutting corners was not an option. By pressing the shafts into a larger diameter mount JessEm are able to attach the shafts to the top plate and fasten in place with more than one screw spreading the lateral load and providing a very rigid and durable mount that will withstand the toughest routing operations.

The AUKTools 1500W Fixed Base Router comes as standard with two ER20 style collets and nuts. One can do cutter shanks sized between 12mm and 12.7mm (1/2") and the other can do cutter shanks 6mm and 6.35mm (1/4").


  • 1 - Rout-R-Lift II
  • 3 - Insert Rings (1-3/8", 2" and 2-1/2")
  • 1 - Insert Wrench
  • 1 - Lift Adjustment Handle
  • 10 - Stainless Steel Set Screws with Blue Nylok Patch
  • 4 - Mounting Screws
  • 1 - AUKTools 1500W Fixed Base Router
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