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Woodpeckers Carpenters Square 6"

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The Woodpeckers 6" Carpenters Square is a perfectly machined combination 90-degree and 45-degree with handles for a physical reference to the edge of the workpiece.

The blade is machined from cast and ground aluminium tool plate. This expensive material is utilised for its mechanical stability and tendency to maintain close tolerances after machining. By milling the blade from a single plate both angles are held to a much higher degree of precision than is possible from stamped, moulded or 2-piece tools.

The handles are milled from solid bar stock and fastened to the body with high strength socket screws. Separating the handles from the blade ensures they can be recalibrated to the blade if knocked out of position.

Anodised for durability and appearance, the Carpenters Square is also engraved with inch scale markings on the vertical leg.

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