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Glue Application

Choosing the right adhesive for your job is important but the application is just as essential. Our range of glue applicators from brands such as FastCap, Tajima, AUKTools and Sili covers everything you need from applying a small bead to a larger glue up job.

  • Milescraft GlueMate150 Glue Bottle



    The GlueMate150™ by Milescraft is the perfect glue accessory for everyone. From master craftsmen to first-time DIY’ers, this 5 oz. advanced glue bottle makes for quick and accurate application. The small size is great for little projects or...

  • FastCap HighBot Glue Bottle - 6 oz



    The FastCap GluBot family are the only glue bottles that will not drip or spill - the easy-squeeze bottle features a unique two-chamber design that pulls the glue back after squeezing to eliminate dripping. The HighBot will put the glue where you want it...

  • FastCap Clip for GluBot - 4 Pack



    The GluBot Clip makes managing your family of GluBots easy. Whether you have Glubots with multiple different adhesives or you find GluBots all over the workshop and it's never to hand when you need it the GluBot clip is the product for you. One clip fits...

  • FastCap GluBot Lid Kit - 16oz



    GluBot Lid Kit includes a Replacement Large Lid, Nozzle Lid and Nozzle Seal Ring.  Get your GluBot 16oz up and working at 100% with this handy replacement kit. GluBot is the only glue bottle that will not drip or spill - the easy-squeeze bottle features...

  • FastCap Clip Base for GluBot 16oz



    The GluBot Base makes storing, retrieving and finding your GluBot fast and easy. It can screw to a workbench with the supplied PowerHead Screws, magnetise to a metal surface with the supplied PowerMag magnets or use the supplied VHB to peel and stick it...

  • Tajima Convoy Super 2 Way Gun



    The Tajima Convoy Super 2 Way Gun is compatible with both 600ml sausages and 300ml cartridges making it two guns in one. The unique designed plunger enables every ounce of material to be released from the tube and is also easily removable without any...

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