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AUKTools Bench Top Router Review, The Woodworker Magazine

The AUKTools Bench Top Router Table is an all-rounder; it’s compact but doesn’t compromise on quality, as Jamie Smith of Atelier Cabinet Makers finds here.

The AUKTools Bench Top Router Table is a compact, portable model that can easily be lifted and moved around the workshop while keeping everything set up and consistently ready to use. On first handling, I noticed the heavy-duty 32mm black anodised tubular frame, which is fully welded with no joints to construct and bolt together, thus making for a very strong frame. The frame is fitted with four large levelling feet so minor adjustment will keep the table wobble-free and provide a good grip for whichever surface the table is placed on.

The black frame holds a large downdraft bag, which is attached with straps and has external pockets for convenient storage of frequently used routing accessories. There is also a large zip opening on the front of the downdraft bag, which allows the router to be placed inside the table, along with a 2.5in extraction port...

I have been using this setup for many different routing tasks and have experimented with a variety of cutters. For each application I found the dust extraction to be sufficient. I have carried out many tasks from small template guided shaping of solid oak handles, up to routing grooves and rebates for panels in cabinet components. I am very pleased with the build quality of the table and highly impressed with the robustness of the Jessem Rout-R-Lift Prestige router lift. This setup is compatible with most of the popular 1/2" routers available on the market, but you can check the website for specifics. For some applications, I found the bench top router worked well on my workbench and at other times I used it directly on the floor. Its portability makes it ideal for site use or it can also be used out of the back of a van, for example. I would recommend this router table to anyone who is short of space in their workshop, or to those who are looking for an additional portable router table for use in different locations or on the job site.

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